Fire resistant and sound insulating internal door E02

Fire resistant and sound insulating internal door E02

Technical parameters

Door leaf: Steel door leaf is 63 mm thick, solid wood frame, solid wood chip filler, 6 mm wood fiber board
Door frame: Glued pine 42×92 mm
Threshold: Hardwood lacquered 27 mm
Lock: ASSA 565
Hinges: “Abloy” NTR 110-ZN 30TSS
Finishing: Painted veneer, HPL laminate
Purpose: Heated living space, offices, public buildings, hotel rooms, apartment doors, technical facilities


Qualitative parameters

Wall opening: 700/800×2100 900/1000×2100
Construction dimensions:
690/790×2090 890/990×2090
Fire resistance: EI130/EI230/E30
Smoke control: Sm, S200
Sound insulation: 42 dB
Self-closing durability: C5
Resistance to repeated opening and closing: 6 class(200.000 cycles)
Mechanical durability: 4 class
Warranty: 2 year



Fire resistant and sound insulating single leaf door E02 detailed information

VAU E02 Declaration of Performance