External door T2

External door T2

Technical parameters

Door leaf: Without overlaps 62 mm thick
Door frame: Glued pine 42×105 mm
Slenkstis: Combined oak lacquered + aluminum
Lock: ASSA 565 without handle and cylinder
Hinges: 3248-110 TMKS Zn 3 psc.
Glazing: Glass pack of 3 glasses transparent or decorated
Purpose: Public buildings, private housesi


Qualitative parameters

Wall opening: 900/1000×2100
Construction dimensions: 890/990×2088
Thermal resistance: Blind door U=0,77 W/m².K
Glazed door  U=1,0 W/m².K
Wind load: 3 C
Water Resistance: 7B
Air permeability: 4
Warranty: 2 year


VAU External door T2 detailed information

VAU External doors T2 Declaration fo Performance T2v02