Wood-aluminium fire window VHSAL EI30

Wood-aluminium fire window VHSAL EI30

Technical parameters

Frame width: 106 mm
Glazing: 42 mm triple pane sealed unit (fire glass Contraflam 30)
Handle: No
Finish: Standart white; spec. colours acc. to RAL and stain acc. to Tikkurila Valtti Akvacolor
Extra: Glazing bars: YES
Venetian blind: NO
Screen door: NO
Ventilation valve: NO

Qualitative parameters

Dimensions: Min./Max. width: 500/1200 mm
Min./Max. height: 500/1600 mm
Fire resistant: EI130
Thermal transmittance: npd
Acustic performance: npd
Air permeabilitys: 4
Resistant to wind load: C4
Water tightness: E1050
Warranty: 2 years


VHSAL EI30 Inspecta Certificate 1336-CPR-0161-02

VHSAL EI30 window Declaration of Performance VHSAL EI30v01

VHSAL EI30 window detailed information