Wood-aluminium folding door G6AL

Wood-aluminium folding door G6AL

Technical parameters

Frame width: 64 mm
Glazing: 23 mm double pane sealed unit
Handle: HOPPE
Finish: Wooden part always white; aluminium profile available in RAL9010, RAL3005 and RAL7016


Qualitative parameters

Height: 1990
Width: 2-leafed – 1280/1380/1480/1580/1680 mm
3-leafed – 1880/2030/2180/2330/2480 mm
4-leafed – 2480/2680/2880/3080/3280 mm
5-leafed – 3080/3330/3580/3830/4080 mm
Thermal transmittance: npd
Acustic performance: npd
Air permeability: 1
Resistant to wind load: C1
Water tightness: 2A
Warranty: 2 years


G6AL wood-aluminium folding door detailed information

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