Hormann T60 Quadro fire resistant steel internal door

Hormann T60 Quadro fire resistant steel internal door


Technical parameters

Door leaf: 65 mm (0,9 mm thick galvanized tin) sash, 4 sides thin falcas, with mineral wool filling. Protective pin on hinge side.
Door frame: Angle, 2 mm thick with 4 EPDM sealing gasket and fixed wall mounting elements.
Lock: Flush lock, adapted for core PZ, Bb key with beard and temporary Bb core.
Hinges: 1 spring and 1 hinge for adjusting the height of the sash according to DIN 18272
Purpose: Boiler rooms, premises where flammable materials are stored


Qualitative parameters

Wall opening: Construction dimensions+ 5 mm
Construction dimensions:
700 – 1178 x 2000, 700 – 1178 x 2100
Fire resistance:
EI2:60 EV:60
Smoke control:
Sa, Sm
Sound insulation: Rw=39 dB
Self-closing durability: C5
Mechanical durability: 2 class
Warranty: 2 year


Hormann T60 Quatro Declaration of Performance

Hormann T60 Quatro Detailed information

Hormann T60 Quadro EI60 Sm_Sa_C5 sertifikatas iki 2021.02 Nr. SPSC-7689D