Hormann ZK steel internal door

Hormann ZK steel internal door

Technical parameters

 Door leaf: 40 mm (0,6 mm galvanized sheet), three-sided thick sheet, cellar with cellular filler
Door frame: Corner welded from galvanized steel profiles, 1.5 mm thick
Built-in DIN 18251 – Class 3, adapted for core PZ
Hinges: Hinges with two upper hinge parts
Purpose: Private houses, institutions, technical premises


Qualitative parameters

Wall opening: 710-1010×2005 710-1210×2105
Construction dimensions:
700-1000×2000 700-1200×2100
Thermal resistance:
U=2,1 W/m².K
Sound insulation:
Rw=25 dB
Self-closing durability: 5
Resistance to hard body impact: 3 class
Resistance to soft and heavy impact: 3 class
Resistance to vertical load: 3 class
Warranty: 2 year


Hormann ZK Declaration of Performance

Hormann ZK Detailed information

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