Moulded internal door

Moulded internal door


Technical parameters

Door leaf: 40 mm thick door, MPP / solid wood frame, cardboard honeycomb, 3 mm thick wood fiber board
Door frame: Glued pine 42×92 mm
Threshold: Hardwood, lacquered
Lock: 2014
Hinges: FT65
Glazing: 6RK, 6R, 8R, 1R
Finishing;: Painted
Purpose: Heated living spaces, offices, public buildings


Qualitative parameters

Wall opening: 700/800×2100
Construction dimensions:
690/790×2090 890/990×2090
Sound insulation: 23 dB/18 dB
Resistance to repeated opening and closing: 5 class(100000 cycles)
Resistance to hard body impact:
Resistance to soft and heavy impact: 3 class
Resistance to static torsion: 3 class
Resistance to vertical load: 3 class
Warranty: 2 year


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