Protectus 201 internal steel door

Protectus 201 internal steel door

Technical parameters

Door leaf: 62mm galvanized flexible sheet (1,5 mm thick)
Door frame: 100 mm galvanized sheet (1,5 mm thick)
Threshold: 20/35 mm stainless steel profile
Hinges: Screwed, painted
Purpose: Private houses, institutions, technical premises


Qualitative parameters

Wall opening: ..<1520x<..2110 – ..<2410x<..2528
Construction dimensions:
..<15x<..21 – ..<23,90x ..25,18
Fire resistance:
U=1,6 W/m².K
Sound insulation:
Rw=41 dB
Wind load:
Water Resistance: 5A
Air permeability: 4 class
Burglar resistance: 3 class
Resistance to repeated opening and closing: 8 class (1000.000 cycles)
Mechanical durability: 3 class
Warranty: 2 year